Our ventures program is an incubator for aspiring student founders

Ventures is YouthHacks accelerator, a place where startups can blaze forward with mentors and resources at their fingertips. We focus on providing the community, mentorship, and education that students need to develop their ideas while in school. Our accelerator program consists of a three tiers, as listed below.



Early stage startups that have formed teams, outlined roles, and begun work on their MVP. At this stage, startups will focus on validating their market, learning to work together, and finishing their first draft of a product.



Startups begin looking for their first clients and small grants and funds available on campus. Startups will focus on fundraising and refining their product to be market-ready.



Startups are now ready to move beyond the University ecosystem and seek seed funding and positive revenue streams. These startups will be focusing on networking and perfecting their pitches to both venture capitalists and consumers.

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