YouthHack is a for-purpose organization started in 2014 to help students learn more about technology, startups, and entrepreneurship.

Through a variety of educational events, workshops and programs, YouthHack has worked with hundreds of students in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and the US over the past few years. We run startup challenges, code weekends, student incubators, coding bootcamps and more.

We hope to continue building the startup ecosystem across the globe by bringing together the bright young minds of tomorrow and providing them with the network, resources and mentors to help them turn their ideas into reality. Interested? Read our Open Letter to the Friends of YouthHack on How We Started.

We invest in our community

We believe in solving for our community. In every decision we make, we ask ourselves, how is this going to help our community of student entrepreneurs?

We combine education with action

We believe in equipping students with skills relevant to the 21st century while also providing them with opportunities to put these skills into practice.

We are dreamers & doers

No idea is too crazy for us to turn into reality. We believe that we’re never too young to make a difference.

We focus on impact

‘How can we use our programs and skills to make an impact in our communities?’ is a question we ask ourselves every single day

The history of YouthHack

Back in 2014, then 18-year-old high school graduate David Ongchoco had just gotten back from visiting universities in the US where he got the opportunity to attend startup events in Silicon Valley. When he got back to the Philippines, he asked himself why there weren’t any programs for students in the Philippines to get involved and learn more about startups, technology and entrepreneurship. Inspired to bring the culture he witnessed in Silicon Valley, he gathered a team to help organize what would become the first two-day YouthHack Startup Challenge.

The success of the first-event would lead to more programs both in the Philippines and in other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and the US. YouthHack hopes to create a global community of student entrepreneurs and changemakers, and become the go-to platform for students who want to turn their ideas into realities.


YouthHack is born

  • Idea for YouthHack is born.
  • First-ever YouthHack Manila Technopreneurship challenge is held at Gates Professional Schools with over 100 student participants.
  • Second-place team from YouthHack Manila wins Harvard competition and flies to Harvard to pitch their idea.


YouthHack expands globally

  • YouthHack Chapters are started in Philadelphia, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • YouthHack launches new programs including the Fellowship program, Code Weekend and FreshStart program in partnership with local and international tech companies including Microsoft, Uber, Wharton, Dreamit Ventures and more.
  • The second YouthHack Manila Startup Challenge attracts over 250 students from all over the Philippines.


YouthHack launches a Ventures Accelerator program

  • Launch of the YouthHack Ventures Accelerator Program in Philadelphia and Manila with the goal of helping students work on their startup ideas beyond YouthHack events.
  • YouthHack Singapore alum organizes a YouthHack Italy Startup Challenge.
  • YouthHack Chapters are started in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Calabarzon.


First YouthHack Asia Summit is held in the Philippines

  • First YouthHack Asia Summit is hosted in the Philippine with delegates from all over Asia.
  • YouthHack Global Executive Board is named.
  • YouthHack Alumni Network is formalized.

Meet our team of chapter leaders

David Ongchoco

Founder of YouthHack

Sanjula Weerawardhena

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Philippe Bungabong

Manila, Philippines

Patricia Evite

Calabarzon, Philippines

Jeffrey Gao

Philadelphia, USA

Katherine Sizov

Philadelphia, USA

Cheewin Kittikunapong

Bangkok, Thailand

Eshaan Menon

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia